Case Study: Packlane

Transforming B2B with community

There are many people who might not believe that rewards can work for B2B, but from the very beginning Packlane, the leaders in custom packaging, knew their customers had the potential to build a strong, unshakeable brand community.

  • 28k program members
  • 28.4% repeat customer rate
  • $456 monthly ad spend saved

With referrals, VIP tiers, and a beautifully branded Panel, Packlane has transformed what it means to build relationships in the B2B space. This case study will unpack how they've found their success and, ultimately, what that means for their ongoing growth.

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Case Study: Packlane

"We wanted to find a solution that allowed us to build stronger ties with our members, and Smile allows us to reward relationships."

- Lindsey Wilson (Content Manager, Packlane)