Give your best customers the VIP treatment

Smile’s VIP program allows you to create tiers that reward your top customers with better rewards and exclusive perks.
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Engaged customer earns VIP rewards and gains loyalty status in a higher VIP tier
Engaged customer earns VIP rewards and gains loyalty status in a higher VIP tier

Increase loyal customer engagement with VIP status and rewards

3 stages of the community building cycle
Join stage of the community building cycle
Get customers excited to shop again with the promise of future VIP status and perks.
Share stage of the community building cycle
Keep customers engaged with increasing rewards the more they shop with your brand.

Offer a variety of perks and rewards to keep your VIPs active

VIP tiers give repeat customers increasing rewards for engagement
Entry rewards
These are rewards that Smile can automatically issue to your customers when they enter a new tier.
Free product
Amount discount
Percentage discount
Accelerated points earning
These are custom rewards that your team can list and then manage outside of Smile.
Voting on new products
Contest entries
Invites to special events and sales
Anything else you can think of!
VIP loyalty programs allow small businesses to offer gifts, exclusive events, and percentage discounts to engaged customers

Set up milestones to achieve VIP status

Push your customers to reach the next VIP tier with milestones that are challenging but achievable!
Set VIP milestone types
$$$ vs. Points
Choose how you want to move customers up through your VIP tiers. Your milestones can be set based on the amount a customer spends at your store, or the total amount of points they’ve earned.
Set VIP milestone duration
Calendar year vs. Lifetime
Choose how long you want to give customers to achieve a higher VIP tier. You can limit this to a calendar year or the entire lifetime a customer shops with your store.
Customer loyatly VIP journey with milestones
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